Military Time Converter App Reviews

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I downloaded app in part that I needed to be able to quickly convert military time. This app does not allow me to put in a time and see what time it would be in military time. So I wasted .99 and I uninstalled. Hope the developers use that .99 and update app.

Pretty good

The app does everything that I'm looking for. It hadn't crashed on me. It is simple to use. I would recommend it.


Does what it says very useful. If used for right reasons.

Great App!

Does what it says. Worth the price.


I think just an hour in Basic Training could get the job done as well as this . . . . . wow!

Great Military Time app

I like this program. I got it free during a special offer, but it is worth a buck if you need to convert military time and can't in your head. The Current GMT or Universal Time gives time updated to the second. Current Military Time gives by the minute, not the second. The Military Converter and 24 Hour Converter what you would expect from the title(s). I really liked the Military Time Zones that gives you the 25 time zones with their associated cities and countries. The info pages are clear and concise. Overall I find it a well thought out app. Good at what it was designed to do.


Very useful. I would give it 5 stars if the app icon on the home screen showed the current time instead of the static "0100", like the IPhone calendar app icon.

Not what i was looking for

It was okay for some basic military time information, but I was hoping for a minute by minute converter.

Wasn't what I was looking for.

I need the minutes broken down into half seconds. This app was not for my use. Too bad I lost .99 just to be disappointed.


I work on a radio station running in military time. The station is PST time and im in EST so it wasnt so much of help. Does what it should, though.

Good app

Does what it says. Thanks

Great app

Does exactly what it's supposed to do.


I work at Abercrombie and we use military time for some reason and I have come into work late a bunch of times bc of how confusing it is. This app is a life saver.

Very useful

Good App


Military time is annoying, so this app is perfect. :)


I found this app very useful because I am in nursing school and we operate on military time. This app keeps me from second guessing myself.

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